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    About AEGEAN

    ΑEGEAN & Olympic Air carried 13.2 million passengers in 2017. The 2018 network will cover 153 destinations (31 domestic and 122 international) to 44 countries. Since June 30, 2010 AEGEAN is a member of STAR ALLIANCE, the strongest airline alliance worldwide. The Company has been honored for the seventh consecutive year with the Skytrax World Airline award, as the best European regional airline in 2017.

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    Alpha Private Bank
    About Alpha Private Bank
    The Alpha Bank Group is one of the leading Groups of the financial sector in Greece, with a strong presence in the Greek and the international banking market. The Group offers a wide range of high-quality financial products and services including retail banking, SMEs and corporate banking, asset management and private banking, the distribution of insurance products, Investment Banking, Brokerage and Real Estate Management. The Parent Company and main Bank of the Group is Alpha Bank, which was founded in 1879 by J.F. Costopoulos.

    Alpha Private Bank, an integral part of Alpha Bank, is a pioneer in the Greek Private Banking sector, offering integrated portfolio management services to High Net Worth Customers for over 20 years. The know-how and expertise developed over the years allow us to provide Customers with a wide range of Private Banking services and an extensive array of domestic and international investment products, ensuring optimal coverage of their investment needs in a flexible and, most importantly, personalised offering including:
    • Discretionary Portfolio Management (GEM): The Bank assumes unrestricted management of the Customer’s assets.
    • Advisory Services: The Bank provides active management advice applied to the entire portfolio or to individual transactions, while the final decision-making remains at the Customer’s discretion.
    • Exclusive Banking Convenience: The Customer enjoys specifically-designed Phone and Web Banking services, along with a series of unique privileges.
    Last but not least, all services are offered in absolute discretion and strict confidence through designated Alpha Private Bank Centres in Athens, Thessaloniki, Patra, Iraklio and London.

    Alpha Private Bank. Private Banking Services by Alpha Bank.
    Athens International Airport
    About Athens International Airport
    Athens International Airport S.A. (AIA) is a pioneer international Public-Private Partnership, being the first major greenfield airport with the participation of the private sector.

    With a corporate goal to create sustainable value to all stakeholders by offering value-for-money services, AIA has a successful developmental strategy, in both its aeronautical and non-aeronautical sectors, it has earned numerous international awards and distinctions and contributes significantly to the national, regional and local economy.